Take Away Service

Thu 24 Dec 2020

 Further to a recent newsletter distributed to all membersand some positive feedback, we have decided to trial the sale of some draughtbeers and bottles for a take away service at cost price. All beers will be sold at 50%below the members price and bottles 2 for 1 until all gone. We would ask members to bring their ownwashed out 2 or 4 pint milk cartons if at all possible. We do have a small amountof containers which have been provided by the brewery but these will be on afirst come first served basis until they are gone.


The trial dates are as below and we will review after thatto see what we have left and if we will continue after new year:


Sunday 27th December 5pm to 7pm

Tuesday 29th December 5pm to 7pm

Thursday 31st December 5pm to 7pm


We would ask that we only have 1 person in the club at atime and you all observe social distancing in these difficult times.


That just leaves us to wish you all a Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year and all please stay safe in these testing times.

Message from the Chairman

Sun 20 Dec 2020

As 2020 draws to a close we are all hopeful 2021 will be amuch better year as we all pray this awful pandemic will come to an end. Wehave all seen lives lost and we send our condolences out to the families whoare suffering at this terrible time in all our lives. We are seeing people losetheir jobs and businesses going under and we feel for all those who arestruggling at what is supposed to be a joyful time of year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our memberswho have supported us through this pandemic and helped us keep the club as safeas possible by following our guidelines in the times we were open. This is areally difficult time for the club with no revenue and bills still coming in,but I can assure you all we are working hard to make sure YOUR club is readyfor business as soon as we get the go-ahead to re-open. We are not standing still;we have taken this opportunity to have the club all redecorated ready for there-opening and the committee would like to say a big thankyou to Bill Dorseywho has taken this job on during the lockdown.

I would also like to thank Allen and his team for serving usthrough the difficult times and continuing to make sure YOUR club was a safeplace to attend. There has been a lot of work done behind the scenes to makesure we have the correct things in place to continue trading and I thank all thoseinvolved for their continued support of this club. Like all sports clubs if wedid not have the volunteers who work extremely hard for no pay then we wouldnot survive, especially in these difficult times.

Congratulations must go to our 1st team asalthough we only played half a season, they topped the premier division for thefirst time since we joined the GMCL. We are delighted to have announced there-signing of our professional Gareth Cross for the 2021 season and again hopewe return to some normality to be able to have a full season.

The club this year for the first time in its history has notheld the AGM due to the current situation, we have not ruled out having one,but we will make that decision once we are back open. Up until that decision ismade all the current officers will continue with their duties.

Are you all fed up with drinking out of bottles and cans? Asthe club is presently closed, we have an amount of stock that has been kept inits usual high standards in the cellar.  Wefeel this will get to the end of its shelf life before we re-open as we thinkthis is going to go on for some time after Christmas. We are contemplating openingfor a takeout service for a few short shifts over the festive period to selloff some stock. This will be priced just to cover our costs. We would beinterested to hear from our members to see if it is something you would beinterested in and when. I would ask if anyone has any interest in this pleasesend an email to

So that just leaves me to wish you all are Merry Christmasand a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all back in the club soon.

Tier 3 Lockdown Members Update

Thu 22 Oct 2020

It is with regret that we must inform all members as from 10pm Thursday 22nd October the club will move into tier 3 lockdown. This means we will be closing our doors for the 2nd time this year whilst we continue to go through this terrible pandemic.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Allen and all his staff for the professional way the club has been functioning through these tough times. We feel we have done all we can to make YOUR club as safe as possible in these testing times.

We would also like to say a big thankyou to all our members who have supported us through this period, no one knows what lies ahead but we look forward to seeing you all when we are given the green light to re-open.

The last few months have brought home to everyone just how important this community facility is to all the social and cricketing members and how much it was missed during the first enforced closure.  Fingers crossed this closure will not be as long as the last one and we can get back to some sort of normality. 

In the mean time all please stay safe and follow the government guidelines so we can return to enjoying the facilities.  If anyone needs any support during this difficult time please reach out to the club and we will be there to help.

Early Week Closure

Fri 2 Oct 2020
In these trying times, I am sure you can imagine that, like many establishments in the hospitality sector, the club has found it hard to generate revenue. Now that the government has introduced 10pm closing times, it has made some nights at the club unprofitable.

So, from 5th October, the club will be closed every Monday to Wednesday. This has been a very difficult decision to make and will be reviewed on a regular basis. We would welcome any feed back on this change, as we are conscious that the service we provide to all our members is tailored to them.

We will continue to open at 5pm on Thursday and Friday, and open all day Saturday and Sunday.


Fri 25 Sep 2020

Dear Members,

The club was informed yesterday, Thursday 24th September, that a member who was on the club premises at the weekend has tested positive for Coronavirus.

We have closed the club with immediate effect for a deep clean and have taken advice from the appropriate people as to when we can open. We can confirm we will reopen at 12:00pm on Sunday 27th September. 

Any member contacted by ‘track and trace’ must follow the guidelines given by them. 

It is very difficult circumstances we are living in at the moment and we are working together to ensure the safety of our staff and members.

We apologise for the this but feel we have no option but to follow government guide lines and have only your best interests at heart.

Please all stay safe in these testing times.

Lads vs Dad 2020

Mon 21 Sep 2020
Thanks for everyone who came on Sunday to watch the Lads vs Dads Match. I think everyone had a great day and there will be a few aching joints for the next day or two

Lads vs Dads Match: Two Wickets Will

Mon 21 Sep 2020


Mon 14 Sep 2020
We understand that everyone has different views regarding the current situation we find ourselves in.

However, we ask in order to protect the safety of our staff and members and to conform with Government Guidelines we would ask you do not attend the club if any of the following apply to you.

  1. You have been in direct contact with someone who has received a positive test

  2. You have been for a Covid-19 Test and are awaiting your results

  3. You have been on holiday to any country that is not on the governments safe travel list and have to self-isolate on your return

  4. You have been advised to isolate by school, work or the governments track and trace due to being in contact with a positive case

If it is brought to our attention that anyone is visiting the club who should not be, they will be asked to leave, and their membership may be terminated. 

We understand these are difficult times, however the safety and well-being of everybody at our club is always our priority. 

Can we also remind everyone who attends the club they MUST either swipe in with their membership card or sign the track and trace book.


Wed 1 Jul 2020
Guidelines for ALL MEMBERS to read and adhere to in order for us to open safely on Saturday 4th July in line with Government Guidelines.  There is also information in regards to collecting your new membership cards.

Any NON MEMBERS will not be allowed on the premises

Many Thanks

Re-Opening Information

Thu 25 Jun 2020

Hi Everyone, by nowyou will all have heard the new government guidelines that Pubs and Clubs are able toopen from the 4th July.

So we can do thissafely and in accordance with the guidelines there are things that we need toput in place behind the scenes.

We are working hardto ensure that we can open on the 4th July for all “PAID UP MEMBERSONLY” but there will be guidelines that everyone must adhere to. We areissuing new club membership cards and you will not be allowed on the premiseswithout it. This card will also at times be the only way you can access themembers room as there is a new system on the door. No membership will be accepted on the day it needs to be pre-paid before attendance as this needs to be processed onto the new system. We will do our best to turn them around as quick as possible but need 3 days at present.


We will make theguidelines available as soon as possible but please bear with us as everyone’ssafety is the most important thing for all and we want to make the club safefor you all.


Hopefully the sunwill shine and we will be able to make use of our ‘new’ outdoor space.  Ifnot we will also be utilising the ‘function room’ as at present we are notallowed to re-open for its normal ‘family parties etc’

 We will be in touch soon


Fri 29 May 2020

As from Monday 1st July,  the nets will only be available to book:-


They will be open:-

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am-1pm (6 slots available per day)

Monday & Tuesday 5pm-8pm (6 slots available per day)

Weekends1pm-4pm (6 slots available per day)

Please read the attached guidance and booking instructions carefully.

Funeral Arrangements

Wed 13 May 2020
The funeral of Frank Wild will take place on Thursday 21st May. In these unprecedented times, funerals are limited to direct family only.

For all those who wish to pay their respects to Frank and his family, the funeral cortege will pass by the cricket club at approximately 1pm. We would ask all who will be attending to make sure they are following government guidelines around social distancing.

FRANK WILD (1933 – 2020)

Mon 4 May 2020

Members will be sorry to hear of the passing of Frank Wild who died in the early hours of Sunday morning at the age of 87.

Frank had been elected as an Honorary Member of the Clubfollowing a distinguished playing career as a medium paced opening bowler forthe First Team. He was recruited to Clifton from local neighbours Moorside inthe early 1960’s alongside all rounder Derek Lysons. He became one of thefinest amateur bowlers Clifton has ever had, strong with wide shoulders his pinpoint accuracy was his great quality able to put the ball on a sixpence overafter over as batsmen were worn down, giving away their wickets in frustration.He would always bowl uphill from the Manchester Road end (8 ball overs in thosedays), with an economical run up, and light on his feet he would often bowlright through the innings without rest.

A true number eleven batsman Frank was a double Cross Cupwinner in 1973 and 1977 and bowled with the same accuracy until a bad backforced him to retire in 1981. He would consistently feature in the top half ofthe league averages and was unlucky not to play more representative cricket forthe BDCA. Even in the 1980’s he hadn’t lost his metronomic accuracy, in onegame bowling unchanged to take 6 for 18 against local rivals Roe Green 1stXI atthe age of 47.

A bricklayer by trade Frank leaves reminders ofhis work around the ground including the Machine Shed and the large red brickwall at the entrance to the Club, all done in the same way he played the game,in good humour, with respect for others and good sportsmanship.

The Club extends its condolences and sympathy to his wifeCath, son David and daughter Judith.

Breaking News

Fri 24 Apr 2020

The club are delighted to announce they have secured theservices of Gareth Cross our professional for the 2021 season. Gareth has been agreat performer on the field with both bat and ball over the last few seasonsleading the team from the front. We are hopeful we may get some games out ofhim this season but felt it was important for the club to get this business outof the way as early as possible.

All please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you allwhen these difficult times are over.

Message from the Chairman

Tue 7 Apr 2020

At the time of writing this under normal circumstances allour players would be looking forward to the start of the cricket season.

Unfortunately, as we are all to aware these are far fromnormal circumstances. However, I want to assure you all we are continuingbehind the scenes to ensure our great club is ready as soon as we get thego-ahead to re-open. Work is still progressing on the ground, it is lookinggreat and ready to play cricket on this season. Off the field we have had allthe front re-laid, it looks fantastic and ready for our members to hopefullyget some use out of later this summer. This is work we had already startedbefore the Covid-19 took us all by surprise and we were committed financiallyto continue with the work. In all honesty had it have not started we may havehad a re-think on carrying out the work as the club is currently in a positionwhere we have no income just like many others. Although as a committee we areand will continue to work hard to get the club back on a sound footing once theterrible pandemic is over.

We have had to stop all cricket and coaching at presentincluding any use of the practice facilities and I ask you all to please takenote of this and not use the nets until further notice as they are closed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone fortheir valued support over the years and we will need your custom even more assoon as we re-open to get us back on our feet.

Also if there is anyone who is struggling for anything inthese difficult times please do not hesitate to contact us as we have a fewpeople who are volunteering and would be more than happy to help you even if itis only a bit of shopping. It is essential as a community we keep together andhelp each other in these trying times.

In the meantime, make sure you all stay safe and I lookforward to seeing you all when we get through this pandemic. 


I T Morris



Fri 27 Mar 2020

We are delighted with the work that has been carried out at the front ofthe club.

As you can see from the video, the new resin pathway has been laid andgives a wider area at the front with improved access for wheelchairs andprams. 

This work is ongoing, with furtherrefurbishment planned.   

We can’t wait to reopen andwelcome you all back but in the mean time we will keep you updated with therefurbishment work and other club news.

The committee would like to thank Worsley Driveways for their excellent work.

Keep save everyone in these difficult times.


Fri 27 Mar 2020


Sat 21 Mar 2020

‪Schools are out but not for the reasons we wanted‬. 

‪With this in mind and the government guidelines that parents should do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus and that they should observe the same social distancing principles as adults, we are asking you not to allow your children up to the club to either use the nets or the surrounding areas. ‬

‪As soon as we can revoke this decision we will let you all know. ‬

‪Thanks for your understanding.

To Our Members & Customers

Sat 21 Mar 2020
Following the Prime Minister's statement on Friday 20th March, Clifton Cricket Club is now closed until further notice.

You can stay up to date with the latest club information on our website and social media channels.

Please stay safe and look after each other during this difficult time.

We look forward to welcoming you back soon.

COVID-19 Update

Sun 15 Mar 2020
Due to the current coronavirus epidemic the health and safety of our employees and members remains as always, our highest priority.

We will continue to monitor the Covid-19 threat by evaluating the situation and following the stipulated government guidelines.

We ask all staff and customer to be vigilant and to regular hand wash and sanitise and all staff have been instructed to carry out regular wipe downs during opening hours.  

We have hand wipes available on the bar and are trying to purchase hand sanitiser, but this is an issue at the moment as no one has any available.

For us, it is important to act as a responsible sports club and we ask for your co-operation in these testing times. 

Please inform us immediately if any of the below has occurred in the last 14 days.

1.  You have been confirmed as a Covid-19 carrier
2.  You have come into contact with anyone carrying the Covid-19.

By working together, we can focus on transparent and prompt information for all  our staff and customers by quickly and jointly agreeing on any necessary and appropriate measures required.

Please co-ordinate immediately with our bar staff of myself (Chairman) on any information we require.

Our expectation is we will have transparent and prompt information and co-ordination in order to protect our staff/customers in the best possible way.


Ian T Morris
Chairman - Clifton CC
07730 490403


Wed 11 Mar 2020
If you are attending the quiz this Saturday at 8pm,
you will need to download the SpeedQuizzing
application from here:

If you have an Android phone or tablet,
download the app from here:
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Updated online club shop now live for Clifton Cricket Club, who will be wearing New Balance Team Sports teamwear.

Order yours here 👇…/clifton-cricket-club-online-store

Sizing samples available in store:  426 Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge, Bolton. BL1 8NL (01204 307204)


Fri 31 Jan 2020

Smartphone General
Knowledge Quiz

on 14th March
Starts at 8pm




Please let us know if you are interesting in coming,
and how many will be in your team.
Just so we can get an idea of numbers.


Text / WhatsApp / Phone Julie on 07904 355152



Tue 28 Jan 2020
The club will host a first XI pre-season friendly against Bradshaw on Easter Saturday (April 11th). Bradshaw are the most recent successful applicants to the GMCL having left the Bolton League at the end of the 2019 season. They will play their inaugural season in the GMCL Premier2 division; one tier below our first XI. They have recently recruited the Parkinson bothers, Matt (currently touring South Africa with England) and former CCC all rounder, Callum, now contracted at Leicestershire. Further details will follow.


Mon 20 Jan 2020






£10.00 perentry/game per person


Select oneteam each week from either the Premier League, Championship, Division One orDivision Two to win at the weekend.

If they winthen you are through to the next week. If they lose then you are out!


Register your interest or book to play by contacting NeilWhitelaw Tel: 07866 610 512 – First Game Starts Friday 31st January.

Rules: Only select one team. Team to be sent to Neil by 18:00pm Thursdaypreceding the weekend. You can only pick a team once. Prize rolls over to nextgame if no last man standing. 10% of prize fund to charity.




Senior Fixtures 2020

Fri 10 Jan 2020
All Senior fixtures for the 2020 season are now available under the fixtures tab.

This includes the GMCL20 fixtures.


Sun 5 Jan 2020
Junior training starting on Friday 24th January to Friday 3rd April at 19:00pm - 20:00pm at Kearsley Academy. We will then go outdoors on Friday 17th April.

Senior training will commence on Friday 13th March at 20:00pm - 21:00pm at the same venue.

The cost per session is £3